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Our mission is to provide young children with the necessary skills to express and deal successfully with feelings of anger, rage, loneliness and low self-worth; to equip them with the self-esteem necessary to make healthy choices to face the many difficult and challenging situations they encounter each and every day of their lives.



All programs relate to good personal and mental health through positive life skills, and what better way than with puppets! Each program includes activities that reinforce the lesson and involve the students in ways that will have a lasting positive effect on their patterns of behavior.

Studies funded through the U.S. Department of Education, indicate that if addressed early on, in school and at home, unacceptable behaviors can be abated and even replaced by cooperation, concern and civility.

I encourage every teacher, in every early elementary school classroom, to take advantage of these innovative programs, so that your students can actively participate in activities, designed to have a very positive effect on their future behavior patterns.

Francis X. Sutman, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Curriculum Development Council of New Jersey, at Rowan University


Better Me Books, Inc. provides fun, educational and motivational programs, on the prevention of violence, vandalism, and victimization. It provides the promotion of self-esteem, life skills and character education for early elementary age children.

Our curricula has been a valuable tool in assisting teachers and parents, as well as guidance counselors in their work with young students, through early elementary. The children have fun, as they learn new skills while interacting with the puppets.




Better Me Books, Inc.
5 Olympic Drive
Voorhees, N.J. 08043
Phone: 609-206-6318


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