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Prehistoric Pals


Anger Management Program

Early Elementary

Prehistoric Pals is a series of lessons designed to provide young children with the necessary skills to express and deal successfully with feelings of anger and rage, to respect other people's property, and how not to become a victim. Throughout this course, five prehistoric puppets offer the audience some positive alternatives to violence, vandalism and victimization that are practical and easy to understand.

As the children identify with the characters, they are happy to see their new friends finding peaceful solutions to their everyday problems. They witness a world where reasoning works and kindness prevails.

At the conclusion of each story, the children are encouraged to participate in a related activity designed to reinforce the value presented.

Prehistoric Pals lessons include: "We Shared Our Caves So We’d Be Saved," "I Wasn’t Mad When I Saw What I Had," "Never Believe Those Who Tease," "I Don’t Feel The Need To Pout When I Help My Neighbor Out," "If I Speak My Anger Out, Later I Won’t Need To Shout," and "I’ll Fly Higher In The Air To Show I’ve Really Learned To Care."

Program Price: $320.00 Shipping via UPS/US Postal Service, four day ground delivery.

Program Includes: curriculum, finest quality hand puppets, handy carrying bag, song, coloring page and a certificate of accomplishment. The coloring page and the certificate of accomplishment can be copied for each student!

An equal quality puppet may be substituted according to the manufacturers availability. The integrity of the program will not be compromised.


Catalogue Number: CPP 001

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