Bully Busters


Bully Busters


A Bullying Prevention Program

Early Elementary

Welcome to Bully Busters! A six lesson program created as prevention to bullying in its earliest stages. This easy to understand series is designed to take the mystery and fear out of bullying. It offers a friendly helping hand to its victims, and also provides many attractive alternatives to the bullying behavior itself. The stories alert the young audience to the danger areas in which bullying can exist and thrive. They then offer some practical suggestions on how to avoid these pitfalls.

The audience uses their imagination to travel along with the puppet, Officer Goodman, to visit many fun and unusual places. At each stop, Officer Goodman shows them a good way not to be tricked by Wooly the Bully and his tricky ways. These story – lessons are offered to early elementary as a way of taking the power out of bullying, and returning it to our children. This series of stories provides early intervention along with practical solutions to the problem of bullying, which exists in our neighborhoods and schools today.

Bully Busters lessons include: "Be Strong And Make A Choice, Don’t Listen To That Bully Voice," "Throwing Stones Keeps You Alone," "It’s Not Pretty To Be Stuck In Self Pity," "Joining In Can Be Fine, But I Know Where To Draw The Line," "Don’t Shout, Just Reach Out," and "It’s Been Awhile, But Now I’m Learning How To Smile." Lessons deal with insecurity, fear, self-pity, indecision, intimidation and recovery. Get on board and become a Bully Buster yourself!

Program Price: $110.00 Shipping via UPS/US Postal Service, four day ground delivery.

Program Includes: curriculum, choice of one high quality 36" full body police officer hand puppet of your ethnic or gender choice, handy carrying bag, song, coloring page and a certificate of accomplishment. The coloring page and the certificate of accomplishment can be copied for each student!

An equal quality puppet may be substituted according to the manufacturers availability. The integrity of the program will not be compromised.

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The puppets are available in the following styles:

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Bully Busters (Female Caucasian)

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Catalogue Number: CBUL 002

Bully Busters (Male Caucasian)

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Bully Busters (Ethnic Male)

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