Bully Busters

Book Pal Kit

The Adventures of Wooly Bully

Bully Prevention Story

Early Elementary

Have you ever met a bully?

Just think how differently things would have been if you had had a big strong friend standing behind you at the time. A friend who stuck up for you, told you what to say, what to do, and assured you that you did not deserve to be treated that way. Thousands of children need that kind of help today, and you can be the hero that provides it for them by a gift of this bully prevention book pal kit and Officer Goodman, the Bullybuster, as it's puppet spokesperson.

Bullying only thrives in an environment of secrecy and darkness, where it is allowed to isolate and intimidate its victims. Together, let us bring it out into the light and challenge it with a loud, clear voice.


This book pal kit is an adaptation of the popular motivational program entitled "Bully Busters". The program is currently being used in public and private schools as a successful teaching tool for the prevention of bullying, and has already reached thousands of young children. The purpose of Bully Busters is to address the topic of bullying with a young population, thus ensuring it's prevention in later years. Bully Busters has been endorsed and critiqued by Francis X. Sutman, Executive Director of Curriculum Development Council of New Jersey at Rowan University.


The sunny skies of Pleasant Valley suddenly became dark, and a strange thundering sound could be heard in the air the day that Wooly Bully came to town. Officer Goodman, the local Bully Buster, would soon discover that a real adventure was about to begin. Will this quiet little town ever be the same? Put on your skates and come along with us to discover the answer!


You can own the entire Bully Buster’s Book Pal Kit, which includes the "Bully Busters and the Adventures of Wooly Bully" storybook, the high quality 14" puppet of Officer Goodman, and the handy carrying bag, for $40. Shipping via UPS/US Postal Service, four day ground delivery.

An equal quality puppet may be substituted according to the manufacturers availability. The integrity of the program will not be compromised.


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Bully Busters Book Pal Kit

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