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When you open one of our books, you open a child's mind to a new and wonderful world of possibilities!


Better Me Books, Inc. provides fun, educational and motivational programs on the prevention of bullying, violence, vandalism, victimization and tobacco use. It provides the promotion of self-esteem, life skills and character education for early elementary age children.

All programs have been critiqued and edited by Francis X. Sutman, Ph.D., Executive Director, Curriculum Development Council of New Jersey, at Rowan University.


Making a difference, one child at a time! Integrity is our goal, so children may be whole!

Teaching Programs

Barnyard Buddies - Self-Esteem

Bully Busters - Bullying Prevention (Click below to view You Tube video)

Prehistoric Pals - Anger Management

The Bug Club - Life and Refusal Skills

Tobacco Tales - Tobacco Prevention



Better Me Book Pal Kits

Book Pal Kits

Better Me Book Pals is a life long gift for children, to early elementary, that is both portable, as well as affordable. Since 1999 Better Me Books, Inc. has created motivational programs that have proven themselves to be of outstanding benefit to hundreds of thousands of children, in countless public and private schools, throughout the United States, as well as Montreal and Toronto in Canada. Better Me Books, Inc. has modified and tailored these same motivational programs, to appeal and to accommodate individual and private use. Our broader curriculum has been geared for classroom presentation. Adapting and revising, while keeping the pure essence of the messages, and not compromising their integrity, has given our company great satisfaction. These adapted programs offer the most unique vehicles for the best use, of quality time possible, that can be shared between parent and child.

Better Me Book Pals are also ideal for guidance councilors, home schoolers, as well as for parent to child interaction.

All of Better Me Books, Inc. programs have been scrupulously critiqued, edited and endorsed by Francis X. Sutman, Ph.D. (Ret.), Executive Director of Curriculum for Early Childhood of New Jersey, at Rowan University.





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Escaping Foreclosure

Click the above link to view the video on 'Escaping Foreclosure.'


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